Bonnie "Red" Laursen


Age – 25
MOS – Mech Warrior
Skill – Regular
Unit – Orion ON1-K
Class – Heavy / Brawler
Languages – English [Native]
Other Skills of Note – Small Arms, Mech Technician [Basic], Interstellar Cartography, Military History, Poetry


Young, red-headed, and very attractive Bonnie is outgoing, good-natured and a constant discipline problem. A third generation mercenary brat on both sides of her family Bonnie is a strict believer in the value of the chain of command and tight discipline – in combat. Out of action, she tends to view both as more polite suggestions, than even guidelines. She has no problem bending or even outright ignoring orders that she doesn’t want to follow, and she also sees absolutely nothing wrong with fraternization and outrageously flirts with the Major when given the opportunity. Having served with the Major in a former posting when both their past mercenary commands were on the same planet, and they were closer to the same rank, they are old friends. She rarely refers to him by anything other than first name, unless she’s in the cockpit of her ‘Mech or an active assignment, and he continually corrects her, but she usually forgets again within a few hours. The fact that she brought her own Heavy ‘Mech and convinced a friend of hers with another heavy ‘mech to jump ship from her old command and join the fusiliers just buys her additional slack.


Bonnie favors a pair of dark green Canopian French-cut bikini style MechWarrior shorts, with accompanying belt. Raised in a Mercenary command and having served in the majority female Geals’ Grinders, Bonnie isn’t used to wearing anything else with the shorts, but has recently added a black cotton wife-beater at the major’s insistence. When not in combat, she prefers a set of AFFS style infantry fatigues, with the issue shirt open over a white tank top. Off duty, she has a preference for blue jeans and blue jean shorts accompanied by T-shirts with popular designs or slogans.

Bonnie "Red" Laursen

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