Carolyn Gottlieb


Age – 27
MOS – Tank Commander
Skill – Regular
Unit – Bulldog Medium Tank
Class – Medium / Striker
Languages – German [Native], English
Other Skills of Note – Music, Dancing, Home Schooling


A vivacious and outgoing mother of two, Carolyn originally served in the AFFC as a Tanker with the 25th Acturan Guards RCT. Her decision to join the armed forces was prompted by a local judge giving her the choice of military service or jail following a string of arrests between the ages of 16 and 18. In the military, Carolyn found a source of discipline and self-worth. She saw some limited action against the Clan Jade Falcon raids but mustered out before the FedCom civil war. After a string of failed jobs and failed relationships, Carolyn has decided to return the one job that she has ever been good at – Tanker. She bonded quickly and effortlessly with Bonnie, Josephine, and Catherine, creating a kind of social nucleus for the company.


On duty Carolyn wears an old Fed-Com Tanker’s uniform that has seen better days, faded, patched and a little too tight in the rear. Off duty he prefers as little as she can get away with given the weather. She is especially fond of cut-off jeans and her favorite black T-shirt that reads “MILF and Proud of It”.

Carolyn Gottlieb

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