Mattias Salamonsen


Age – 32
MOS – Mech Warrior
Skill – Regular
Unit – Wraith TR-1
Class – Medium / Scout
Languages – English [Native], Italian, Greek, Romanian


A native of the Duchy of Andurien in the Free Worlds League, Mattias was a promising scholarship student to the exclusive Princefield Military Academy. Or at least he was until SAFE decided that he was unreliable because of his older sister’s boyfriend’s acquaintances. He then worked a series of odd jobs throughout the FWL, including, bartender, bouncer, and contractor, paying his way toward Outreach. When he finally got to Outreach he found one of his sister’s friends waiting for him, with a brand new Battlemech, and the troubling explanation “Perhaps one day, we will need a favor”.

A fairly private person already, Mattias’ time at the conservative Princefield Academy only encouraged a tendency toward formality in the young man. As a result, he is stickler for military protocol and it takes him awhile to unwind. Being older than just about anyone else in his Lance has placed him in the unofficial “big brother” role of advice giver. With his life experience, it is a role that he excels in. Whether or not it is a role he feels comfortable in is an open question, however.


On duty Mattias wears FWLM style briefs instead of shorts and an old pre-3050 FWLM-J2 style cooling vest because he likes the padded collar. Like most FWLM MechWarriors, he keeps a light weight gray jumpsuit in his cockpit for wear in colder environments. Out of combat, he wears an Anduriean militia style short sleeve jumpsuit and FWLM Navy P-coat. Off duty he wears Mairk Commonwealth style open fronted shirts and Terran jeans, also accompanied by his Navy coat.

Mattias Salamonsen

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