Melchor Bates


Age – 27
MOS – Tank Commander
Skill – Regular
Unit – Bulldog Medium Tank
Class – Medium / Skirmisher
Languages – English [Native], Some German
Other Skills of Note – Chess, Classic Murder Mysteries


Although he was raised on the planet of Summer in the Lyran Alliance, Melchor was born on Terra, in Canada, as he is quick to remind everyone, giving him dual citizenship. Melchor’s father was a shift manager for one of the oil companies that drill and export crude from Summer for the LAAF and others. Melchor joined the LAAF after a year of college and served during the tail end of the FedCom Civil War, although he spent his tour of duty fighting pirates on the periphery border rather than involved in the war. The major made him a Master-Sergeant partly due to his combat experience and shared Terran heritage, and partly to keep from having all of the senior tank commanders being from St. Ives.


Melchor wears a second hand Northwind Highlander mercenary uniform bought from a supply store on Outreach on duty and insists that his entire tank crew do so as well, for the sake of professional appearance. Off duty, he favors dark colored shirts and tan slacks with a dark felt overcoat.

Melchor Bates

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